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Armor is the equipment that a person can wear, it is generally preferred by the players to use 'sets' which are special pieces of equipment that can add statistics. Add new page. World. Dungeons Forsaken Tower Quests. Elementor - A high damage spell casting class that uses staves to cast devastating elemental spells. Elementors can damage one or several enemies at the same time with their wide range of.

Elementor Armor: Psykeeper Armor: Blade Armor: Knight Armor: Harlequin Armor: Crackshooter Armor: Force Master Armor: Seraph Armor: Arcanist Armor: Mentalist Armor: Slayer Armor: Templar Armor: Weapons. Bows. Ranged weapon used to rain arrows down on your opponent. About Insanity FlyFF. Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki.

The hit and run abbr. HnR elementor is typically a high INT build that slows the target using the windfield skill before killing. By doing this, the elementor can maintain a safe distance between the target and itself, thus avoiding being hit. This guide aims to provide the basic information that you require to be a successful HnR elementor. When you first begin your experience in FlyFF, you are known as a Vagrant. Vagrants dress in simple armor and use Shields, Axes, and Swords. Leveling from 1 to 15 is an easy goal and choosing your class will be the utmost important part of your FlyFF Career. Heya guys:3 I just made myself a Magician and im planning on going for Elementor. I usually play solo, but i also wanna be able to aoe when someone has time to tank for me. Nun, das waren die Skills des Elementors. Es sind schon sehr viele, da der Elementor die Klasse mit den meisten Skills in Flyff ist. Man muss aber lange nicht alle Skills verwenden, ich empfehle immer, dass man die Mischelement-Skills weglässt.

Flyff; Game Play Advice; Search in titles only. Search in Game Play Advice only Advanced Search Search. Home; Forum; EN; Flyff; Game Play Advice; Announcement. Collapse. No announcement yet. Game Play Advice. Collapse. Forums Topics Posts Last Post; No forums found. Mark Channels Read. Elementor Class by KhinxCoffee. Started by KhinxCoffee. Psykon Set Level: 105 Psyuniper Set Male Set Defense Female Set Psykon Helmet 272 - 273 Psyuniper Helmet Psykon Suit 679 - 681 Psyuniper Suit Psykon Gauntlet 443 - 444 Psyuniper Gauntlet Psykon Boots 341 - 343 Psyuniper Boots 1/4 Set: No effect 2/4 Set:. 16/10/2018 · Although this was my first time in the secret room i think we managed a pretty good time. Next time probably do a lot better. Participants: aXis, Soulless, Attac, Autism, Corex, Lakrids, SUICIDEBOMBER, MagicDino, Rinnie, and Mortemius me.

21/12/2009 · Flyff - Full INT AoE Psykeeper ~Preview~ a second addon to the Full INT AoE psy Proof of Cencept video i made. Flyff Elementor Guide. In this guide I will attempt to try to explain how you can maximize the damage of the magician using elemental resistance combos. I will also cover numerous builds, tips, and other miscellaneous information that will be very helpful to all players playing this character in Flyff. 11/08/2008 · Yes, I know 92 is a bit too high to be AoEing Mutant Augu's but I just wanted to show what it's like to be a Psy, AoE and level in Azria. All at once.: I was a bit scared of fraps raping my frame rate so much that I'd die without knowing about it soon enough. Frame rate is bad because I'm running in windowed mode and multitasking. Flyff; Game Play Advice; Search in titles only. Search in Game Play Advice only Advanced Search Search. Please guide my elementor. 01-10-17, 01:47 PM. I'm a lv.65 elementor. Tried at the syliaca but i can't bear the damage. btw im not a funded character so i just buy the latest applicable armor set and in this case the lv.59 set. I think elementors have the highest number of skills. one of each element for single targets. one of each element for AoE skills. one of each element for masteries. and four additional "laggy" AoE skills >.<. Refer to the elemental table I used above for what element you'll use for monsters.

Im a level 35 magician right now and when i become level 60 I wanna play SOLO, NO ASSIST HELPING ME. So far from all the Elementor and Psykeeper builds ive seen, the only one I can solo with is the Satan Psykeeper. Is there any other build, from psykeeper OR elementor, that I can solo with? AOE or 1v1, I don't care. Please someone help me fast.

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